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RTCalc 3.0 for iOS 9


The fastest RT calculator.
Available on iOS and Android


Android app on Google Play
Android app on Google Play


RTcalc has an interface built with speed in mind. You can quickly enter and view data without the need to click on input boxes, or switch between multiple screens.

This calc features a "Stay in Place" interface simular to a conventional calculator.

Speed of entry is achieved by efficient use of three menus, a single input box, and a custom keyboard.

RTcalc was first created in 2007 for a web based application as a tool for Doctors, RN's RT's, and students. An Android version is coming out soon!


  • Calculator like display and functionality
  • A single input box no jumping around to enter data
  • Easy one handed usage
  • Customized Keyboard for optimal performance
  • Toolbar guides your actions
  • Advanced information for each calculator
  • Tools designed for seasoned and student RT's
  • licensure, CEU, and legal informational Web links
  • Approved Medical Abbreviations
  • In-App email feedback submission

  • Licensure, CEU, and educational web links
  • See RT Education Under: (RT CEU Info by State)


* Soon to be removed from iOS version

  • A-a Gradient
  • ABG Interpreter*
  • Alveloar Gas Exchange
  • Apgar Score
  • Arterial Oxygen Content
  • Bicarbonate Deficit
  • Body Parameters
  • Bohr Dead Space
  • Cardiac Surgical ICU Score
  • Cardiac Index-Output
  • Corrected Tidal Volume*
  • Desired FIO₂ or PaO₂
  • EDi Catheter
  • Epoprostenol Inf Rate*
  • Henderson HasselBalch
  • In Flight PAO₂ Estimation
  • Kidney Function
  • Left Ventricular S.W.I
  • Lung Compliance
  • Mean Airway Pressure
  • O₂ Tank Time
  • Oxygen Consumption
  • Oxygen Delivery
  • Oxygen Index
  • Oxygenation Parameters
  • PAO₂ : FIO₂ Ratio
  • Predicted PEFR-FEV1
  • Pulmonary Shunt
  • Pulmonary-Vascular Resistance
  • RT CEU Info by State
  • RT Medications
  • Survanta Dosing*
  • Systemic-Vascular Resistance
  • Tube Size (Endotracheal)*
  • Tidal Volume ARDS
  • Unit Converter
  • Vent Settings*
  • Vent Desired PCO₂
  • Venous Oxygen Content
  • Vent Weaning RSBI-rate
  • Ventilation Index


Ronn Grant
I would gladly consider; suggestions, changes, or additons to this application. feel free to send feedback

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